Is LOVE, there is a story to be told


As a husband and wife team, we simply couldn’t feel more honored for the opportunity to celebrate the love you share with your person. Honored and absolutely stoked, is more like it, if we’re being completely honest. Lucky to be in love with each other and our work, we cherish the opportunity to capture the distinct magic felt at each and every wedding. For as many vows as we’ve witnessed, trust us when we say this: no two loves are the same. As creatives, we can’t think of anything more freakin’ inspiring than such an incredible fact of life. We’re here to tell your unique story, meaning no two Happy Campers films are the same.

In love


First we found each other, then we found our calling: filming other couples in love say “I do!” Just like we complete each other’s sentences - we complete each other’s creative visions and complement each other’s personalities. Allison’s deep-feeling nature and calming presence combined with Tyler’s talent for hilarious jokes and easy-going attitude makes for a pretty bomb team to have around on your wedding day. (If we do say so ourselves.) We work hard to communicate with each other and with you, making sure you feel as comfortable, cared for, and seen as possible throughout the process. As creative partners, we share a common goal: to seize every special moment of your day on camera - as brief or beautifully subtle as the moment might be. Those quiet tears shed by guests, the day’s sun shining over vows exchanged, the rhythm of the first dance: these are the moments from our own wedding we wish we could re-live. We’re here so you can do exactly that!

There’s nothing like finding your person


We spend months getting to know our couples deeply, listening to their real-life-fairy-tale love stories, dreaming up visions of their big day together, and more often than not - becoming lifelong couple-friends in the process of working with them. If you start to feel like you’re on a double date playing Twenty Questions - it’s for a good reason. Connecting with our couples on a human level - through open hearts and growing friendships - is what allows us to create meaningful films that honor and reflect each unique relationship. At the wedding, you can find us happily helping where we’re needed or otherwise looking like a couple of flies on the wall, catching every moment without taking from it, faking it, or forcing it. Happy Campers is an all hands on deck kind of team, working together at every step in the process, from shooting on the day of your wedding to assembling the footage and editing the final cut. With creative perspectives and shooting styles that were, simply put, made for each other - we couldn’t be more in sync as filmmakers who have also been through the excitement and stressors of planning a wedding - with each other. Meaning we get it. We really, really get it. Know that when your day arrives, your only job will be to say “I do!” We’ll worry about preserving those butterfly inducing, tear-jerking memories for the future so you can live them in the present.

We do what we do best by doing it together


What’d ya say we make it official? Now booking for late 2021 and 2022

Say Hey! by filling out our inquiry form, where you can tell us all about yourselves, your love story, and your wedding plans. Whether they include disco balls or twinkle lights, desert skies or ocean views, no guests or a few guests, we want every detail you can give! No need to be shy here - we read your inquiries like we read a favorite book - with a cup of coffee in hand, soaking in every last word while our excitement builds for what’s to come! We will always take the time to read thoroughly, from beginning to end, and probably more than once - we can’t help ourselves, we’re SO stoked to hear from you and will respond as soon as possible during our office hours: Monday - Friday!

Get In Touch

Once we’ve heard from you, we will send you our current pricing guide so you can look it over and start talking about what package works best for your day. We are always happy to hop on a call and discuss the different options, create a custom proposal, or share more about our process before you book! Once we seal the deal, we’ll dive into your story as a couple, your wedding planning process, and your intentions for the big day so we can create a film as unique as the bond you share. Basically, this is the part where we turn a client-vendor relationship into a lasting friendship. We can’t wait! 

Choose a Package

Your wedding day is here and we’re so freakin' pumped! On the day of, we'll show up with huge smiles, open arms, and creative spirits that feel so dang full while celebrating your love! We’ll keep the cameras rolling so you can keep the feelings flowing - capturing every fleeting moment without interrupting it. Don’t be surprised if you catch us shedding silent tears behind the camera! We’ve spent months getting to know you, counting down the days until we get to honor your story the best way we know how, and now the day is finally here. We work to make sure it will be remembered exactly as it was felt.

Say “I Do!”

While you’re busy enjoying married life (isn’t it the freakin’ best?) we’ll be busy working on your film! This means editing, color grading, piecing together audio to tell a complete story, finding and adding the perfect music, matching footage to emotions, and more to create a film that reflects your day as faithfully as possible. Was your day cozy and intimate? Wild and adventurous? One huge, epic party? We are here to honor your day, exactly as it happened and exactly as it felt. We will never rush this process, making every film with thoughtful intention and taking great care to deliver an authentically told, story driven film. This is the most time-consuming part of our process, often taking 10 - 16 weeks to finish. We believe your story deserves every minute spent here, doing everything it takes to create a film that takes you right back to the moments that matter.

Feel the feels all over again

Sarah & Scott

They created a film more unique than I could have ever dreamed. My husband and I watch it all the time to relive our day, and we notice small, signature touches each time that show how much care and love Tyler and Allison poured into our video. Their talent was so evident to me from the beginning, but their added value comes in who they are as individuals and as a team. They have the kindest, most fun-loving spirits and I could tell they were truly excited to be a part of our big adventure. I didn’t think I would ever feel honored to have a vendor team as a part of my wedding day, but working with Happy Campers was an honor. Their services are priceless!

Tyler & Allison began as vendors and became our friends.

Breea & Cody

We feel so lucky to have found Happy Camper Films to film our wedding. As wedding videographers ourselves, it was THE most important thing to us on our special day. We wanted care, time, and creativity put into our wedding film and we got that and so much more. They exceeded our expectations and created such a special, beautiful memory for us that we cherish so much. We seriously got the wedding film we always wanted and we watch it every year and cry our faces off. There is no one out there who will put as much care and love into their work as Tyler and Allison. They truly care so much about each of their clients, and really take the time to get to know them and understand them. That just really goes a long way and it feels like your best friends are there capturing your wedding day for you. We love Happy Camper Films! 

There is no one out there who will put as much care and love into their work.

Carolyn & Slater

I could go on and on and on, but the craziest part of this is that you hardly even knew us before and yet were able to match this video perfectly to our personalities and love. This is everything we wanted and more. I can't imagine it's easy to tweak and change your approach to match every single couple, but somehow you do it and we will never be able to thank you enough for that. This truly is the most important thing that we can walk away with from that day. It is so unique and beautiful! What you two do is so incredibly special and life-changing for couples like us. This is hands down the BEST gift we can take home from our entire experience.

Everything we wanted and more. the best gift we can take home!

Jillian & Tyler

The video is absolutely perfect. And better than anything we could have imagined!! I don't think either of us were prepared for how deeply it would make us feel the emotions of that day. To be able to relive that through this video forever is the most special gift we could ask for. We feel so lucky to have such a beautiful reminder of not only our love and commitment to each-other but also how loved we are by the best friends and family we could ask for. I already feel emotional at the thought of showing this to our future kids someday. You guys are something special.


Jenn & Brian

They have a passion for finding beauty in everyone’s unique stories. Their down-to-earth demeanor made me feel as if i’d known them my entire life the very first time we spoke. From the very beginning of my wedding planning process, they explored our relationship as if it were a novel trying to better understand the dynamics of our love story. Their effort to go above and beyond to get to know us in such a short period of time is truly present throughout our entire wedding video. As if this wasn’t enough, they even offered us planning advice about the ins and outs of how to allow our actual wedding day to go as smoothly as possible. Things I never would have even thought about were such pivotal pieces during the flow of our day! The video these two created from such an authentic perspective is something we will cherish for years to come.

Allison & Tyler were an absolute dream to work with.

Stephanie & Carl

When we got engaged, one of the first vendors we knew had to be a part of our day was Happy Camper Films. I was blessed to become best friends with Allison in college. Over the years, I have watched them grow their business and talents. I have watched countless wedding videos that they have made. Even though I didn’t know the couple in the video, I was ugly crying over the beauty of their love stories. Words cannot fully describe how thankful we are for them and for their sharing of their talents with us. They are not just filming weddings, they are telling love stories. They told our love story perfectly. I cry when I think of how treasured our wedding video is and will continue to be. Knowing we get to share our wedding video with our future children gives me chills. Our children will see our wedding come to life and the love we have for one another. I just feel so thankful to be able to relive our wedding day whenever thanks to the incredible talent of Allison and Tyler. Their commitment, communication, professionalism, work ethic, and quality of work is top-notch. Not to mention they are also top-notch people. A million thanks to the BEST wedding videographers HANDS DOWN! 

They are not just filming weddings, they are telling love stories.

Kim & Paul

That was genuinely the most magical thing we have ever seen and we will be treasuring it for generations to come. Every single moment was so special and beautiful. It is so obvious how much work you put into it and just know that every single second means the absolute world to us! It embodies my exact memories from the day. There are so many small details and the way you paired them up with music and audio was absolutely SEAMLESS. Thank you so very much for being one of our favorite parts of the day and incorporating everything we could have ever hoped for and more into our film. I'm legit going to be 90 years old making my grandkids watch my wedding video on a hologram. You both are absolutely the best at what you do and the amount of care and passion you put into your work is astonishing. Well, off to go rewatch it a thousand times!


Tyler Joy & Casey

You two captured our special day so perfectly that it felt like we were right back in it. All of the emotions raw again, and all of the love so tangible!! We laughed AND cried. You both are master storytellers, and more gifted than I can even put into words. Thank you for blessing us with your friendship and talents!

We are speechless, overwhelmed, and TRULY overjoyed.

Laura & Ned

You two are incredible. You’ve been incredible to work with, to grow with, to let into our relationship, to trust. It’s hard to let folks in on such an intimate day in your life without ever having previously built a relationship...we are so glad we had you two. We are so grateful for your kindness, your skill, your passion and mostly we are grateful for your faith in family, in friends, in your work. We felt God’s grace present in all that we’ve done for this marriage and it could not have been captured without two people behind the lens that embody faith, family, and friends. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We value you. We appreciate you!


Amanda & Cole

As a wedding photographer & videographer ourselves, choosing wedding vendors for our own wedding day was no easy task. But when it came to selecting a videographer, there was simply no other choice. We instantly connected with Tyler & Allison back in 2017 when they shot our best friend's wedding. We could see and feel the heart they poured into their couples and their work.  On our own wedding day, it was as if our old friends were alongside us spending the day together. They were present in making us feel comfortable while also being behind the scenes and letting the day unfold naturally. They captured some of the biggest moments of our wedding day but also so many little ones like my mom whispering "I love you" to me during the ceremony or our college friends lifting us in the air during the reception. Watching our wedding film instantly takes me back to one of the best days of our lives and that is one of the most beautiful gifts. 

 When it came to selecting a videographer, there was simply no other choice.

Nikki & Brit

Where to begin… Allison and Tyler are not only the kindest people but they are genuinely so talented at what they do and they do it with all their heart. Without even really knowing my husband and I, they were able to capture us in our video as if they’ve known us forever. They fit seamlessly into the day and were still able to capture everything going on. When we got our video and watched it, we felt like we were back at our wedding reliving it all over again - feeling all those same emotions. They were also extremely professional and were able to work well with our photographer even though they had never worked together before. If I were to do it all over again they would be my first call (even though they were the first time around, too!)

 If I were to do it all over again, they would be my first call (even though they were the first time around, too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your wedding coverage cost?

Do you travel?

What is your filming style? Do you two pose/direct/or tell us what to do?

Our weddings are all priced based on a build-your-own package system. We start with a base package that includes coverage from the two of us and a 6-12 minute wedding film. From there we have a variety of add-ons to allow you to get exactly what you want!  To give you a better idea of our general pricing:
Wedding films begin at $6000
Elopement/Intimate film packages begin at $5500

If this sounds good to you, please inquire via our contact page!

*Please note that we only take a limited number of weddings per month, so be sure to contact us for our availability as soon as you possibly can. Typically, our couples book us anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance.*

Because we are looking to capture natural moments, we do as little “posing” or “styling” as possible. We give direction that allows for couples to fall into natural poses and interactions with one another. We love playing off of cues from photographers and pride ourselves on being able to capture the moments that are very intimate, honest, and authentic throughout your wedding. While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the intention that drives our work is to capture your day the way it happened in front of our lenses: the laughing, the happy tears, the thoughtful details, the enthusiasm, the nervousness, and everything in between. Any “creating” that we do is done with this in mind. We want you to watch your wedding film and remember true feelings and honest moments, not forced, awkward poses.

Absolutely! We LOVE to travel and would love to talk with you more about your wedding, even if it is nowhere near us! We are happy to travel anywhere in the world. We consider ourselves travel and destination wedding videographers as we are constantly on the road and loving it! Over the past six years, we have had the pleasure of filming weddings in Colorado, Charleston, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska, Maine, Moab, Milwaukee, Florida, Oregon, Arizona, Sayulita, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, etc. A large portion of our couples are planning destination weddings, so no place is too far for us!


Do we get to pick the music for our filM?

Music is a vital part of pulling in the emotion to a film. The two of us have musical backgrounds — Tyler has been playing the drums since he was in middle school, has been a part of several bands, and listens to music constantly. Allison grew up playing the piano and had family members who were talented musicians and is always listening to her favorite indie music playlists. We take the selection of music very seriously, simply because when you find “the right” song, it can take a film to a whole new level. Since our films are shared online, we must purchase the appropriate music licenses for use in the films. For these reasons, we choose to pick the music ourselves, but if this is something our couples are passionate about (for instance, if you are a musician) we can talk through this more and hopefully work something out that makes everyone a Happy Camper!

What gear do you use?

We shoot on Canon EOS R cameras, using top of the line lenses, high quality audio equipment, drones, and a variety of stabilizers ranging from monopods to gimbals.

Do you use a drone?

We are excited to say that Tyler is a licensed remote pilot, meaning that we can legally use our drone to get beautiful shots whenever we can. We always have our drone with us and do not charge extra for footage with the drone. Depending on locations and due to weather constraints, laws in certain areas, etc. we never guarantee that we will be able to use it, but we definitely do whenever we can! Tyler flies a Mavic 2 Pro and absolutely loves the footage and unique perspective he is able to capture with it.

Do you offer longer edits or additional coverage?

We do! We have a variety of optional add-ons that include longer coverage. One of our most popular add-on's is our "Family Film" - which includes the full ceremony, full speeches, and full events that occur throughout the day. Another popular add-on is our "Instagram Teaser" - which is a one minute, quick edit of all of the "best" moments highlighted throughout the day. It's perfect for sharing online with friends and family and delivered just days after your wedding! In addition to these edits we offer several other edits of varying lengths and additional hours or days of coverage.

How do we book you?

Head over to our contact page and fill out the form at the bottom, sharing as many happy details as you can, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!  Once it is confirmed that we are available on your date and you want to work with us, we will get you a contract and a booking deposit invoice (all done online). Once these are signed and returned, we can call it official!

Do you have recommendations for other vendors?

We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people over the last several years of our business. If you are needing recommendations in your search for other aspects of your wedding whether it's a wedding planner, photographer, florist, or live band, we would love to help! Please don’t hesitate to ask.