For the moments
that matter

A MARRIED filmmaking duo Helping you relive the moments that matter, with nostalgic films made to last

new to THE 2024/2025 Wedding Season - Super 8 and Luxury iphone Documentation Collections are now available

new to THE 2024/2025 Wedding Season - Super 8 and Luxury iphone Documentation Collections are now available

For the moments
that matter

A married filmmaking duo Helping you relive the moments that matter, with nostalgic films made to last

Hi, We're Allison & Tyler!

Living life where we are happiest - 
side by side & on the road

We are husband and wife, creative partners, a pair of old soul best friends in love with timeless storytelling. When we’re not behind the camera, you can find us sipping coffee on our porch, spinning records while making dinner together, watching our pup swim in a lake nearby, or enjoying a game night with good friends. We share a soft spot for the nostalgic, for catching a sunrise, for being witness to life’s breathtaking moments: big and small. Candid and true. Passing quickly and cherished forever. We’re here to press record before it all happens, catching those fleeting moments so you can relive the fuzzy feelings, shed all the happy tears, and dance along to your first dance - time and time again. 



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We do it for you. For the nostalgic hearts and old souls collecting passport stamps, ticket stubs, handwritten letters, and vintage records. For that wave of emotion filling your chest as a taped home video lights up the screen. For the days we yearn to live again, those that changed the course of it all. For the moments that matter.


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In love

Sarah & Scott

They created a film more unique than I could have ever dreamed. My husband and I watch it all the time to relive our day, and we notice small, signature touches each time that show how much care and love Tyler and Allison poured into our video. Their talent was so evident to me from the beginning, but their added value comes in who they are as individuals and as a team. They have the kindest, most fun-loving spirits and I could tell they were truly excited to be a part of our big adventure. I didn’t think I would ever feel honored to have a vendor team as a part of my wedding day, but working with Happy Campers was an honor. Their services are priceless!

Tyler & Allison began as vendors and became our friends.

Breea & Cody

We feel so lucky to have found Happy Camper Films to film our wedding. As wedding videographers ourselves, it was THE most important thing to us on our special day. We wanted care, time, and creativity put into our wedding film and we got that and so much more. They exceeded our expectations and created such a special, beautiful memory for us that we cherish so much. We seriously got the wedding film we always wanted and we watch it every year and cry our faces off. There is no one out there who will put as much care and love into their work as Tyler and Allison. They truly care so much about each of their clients, and really take the time to get to know them and understand them. That just really goes a long way and it feels like your best friends are there capturing your wedding day for you. We love Happy Camper Films! 

There is no one out there who will put as much care and love into their work.

Carolyn & Slater

I could go on and on and on, but the craziest part of this is that you hardly even knew us before and yet were able to match this video perfectly to our personalities and love. This is everything we wanted and more. I can't imagine it's easy to tweak and change your approach to match every single couple, but somehow you do it and we will never be able to thank you enough for that. This truly is the most important thing that we can walk away with from that day. It is so unique and beautiful! What you two do is so incredibly special and life-changing for couples like us. This is hands down the BEST gift we can take home from our entire experience.

Everything we wanted and more. the best gift we can take home!

Jillian & Tyler

The video is absolutely perfect. And better than anything we could have imagined!! I don't think either of us were prepared for how deeply it would make us feel the emotions of that day. To be able to relive that through this video forever is the most special gift we could ask for. We feel so lucky to have such a beautiful reminder of not only our love and commitment to each-other but also how loved we are by the best friends and family we could ask for. I already feel emotional at the thought of showing this to our future kids someday. You guys are something special.


Jenn & Brian

They have a passion for finding beauty in everyone’s unique stories. Their down-to-earth demeanor made me feel as if i’d known them my entire life the very first time we spoke. From the very beginning of my wedding planning process, they explored our relationship as if it were a novel trying to better understand the dynamics of our love story. Their effort to go above and beyond to get to know us in such a short period of time is truly present throughout our entire wedding video. As if this wasn’t enough, they even offered us planning advice about the ins and outs of how to allow our actual wedding day to go as smoothly as possible. Things I never would have even thought about were such pivotal pieces during the flow of our day! The video these two created from such an authentic perspective is something we will cherish for years to come.

Allison & Tyler were an absolute dream to work with.

Stephanie & Carl

When we got engaged, one of the first vendors we knew had to be a part of our day was Happy Camper Films. I was blessed to become best friends with Allison in college. Over the years, I have watched them grow their business and talents. I have watched countless wedding videos that they have made. Even though I didn’t know the couple in the video, I was ugly crying over the beauty of their love stories. Words cannot fully describe how thankful we are for them and for their sharing of their talents with us. They are not just filming weddings, they are telling love stories. They told our love story perfectly. I cry when I think of how treasured our wedding video is and will continue to be. Knowing we get to share our wedding video with our future children gives me chills. Our children will see our wedding come to life and the love we have for one another. I just feel so thankful to be able to relive our wedding day whenever thanks to the incredible talent of Allison and Tyler. Their commitment, communication, professionalism, work ethic, and quality of work is top-notch. Not to mention they are also top-notch people. A million thanks to the BEST wedding videographers HANDS DOWN! 

They are not just filming weddings, they are telling love stories.

Kim & Paul

That was genuinely the most magical thing we have ever seen and we will be treasuring it for generations to come. Every single moment was so special and beautiful. It is so obvious how much work you put into it and just know that every single second means the absolute world to us! It embodies my exact memories from the day. There are so many small details and the way you paired them up with music and audio was absolutely SEAMLESS. Thank you so very much for being one of our favorite parts of the day and incorporating everything we could have ever hoped for and more into our film. I'm legit going to be 90 years old making my grandkids watch my wedding video on a hologram. You both are absolutely the best at what you do and the amount of care and passion you put into your work is astonishing. Well, off to go rewatch it a thousand times!


Tyler Joy & Casey

You two captured our special day so perfectly that it felt like we were right back in it. All of the emotions raw again, and all of the love so tangible!! We laughed AND cried. You both are master storytellers, and more gifted than I can even put into words. Thank you for blessing us with your friendship and talents!

We are speechless, overwhelmed, and TRULY overjoyed.

Laura & Ned

You two are incredible. You’ve been incredible to work with, to grow with, to let into our relationship, to trust. It’s hard to let folks in on such an intimate day in your life without ever having previously built a relationship...we are so glad we had you two. We are so grateful for your kindness, your skill, your passion and mostly we are grateful for your faith in family, in friends, in your work. We felt God’s grace present in all that we’ve done for this marriage and it could not have been captured without two people behind the lens that embody faith, family, and friends. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We value you. We appreciate you!


Amanda & Cole

As a wedding photographer & videographer ourselves, choosing wedding vendors for our own wedding day was no easy task. But when it came to selecting a videographer, there was simply no other choice. We instantly connected with Tyler & Allison back in 2017 when they shot our best friend's wedding. We could see and feel the heart they poured into their couples and their work.  On our own wedding day, it was as if our old friends were alongside us spending the day together. They were present in making us feel comfortable while also being behind the scenes and letting the day unfold naturally. They captured some of the biggest moments of our wedding day but also so many little ones like my mom whispering "I love you" to me during the ceremony or our college friends lifting us in the air during the reception. Watching our wedding film instantly takes me back to one of the best days of our lives and that is one of the most beautiful gifts. 

 When it came to selecting a videographer, there was simply no other choice.

Nikki & Brit

Where to begin… Allison and Tyler are not only the kindest people but they are genuinely so talented at what they do and they do it with all their heart. Without even really knowing my husband and I, they were able to capture us in our video as if they’ve known us forever. They fit seamlessly into the day and were still able to capture everything going on. When we got our video and watched it, we felt like we were back at our wedding reliving it all over again - feeling all those same emotions. They were also extremely professional and were able to work well with our photographer even though they had never worked together before. If I were to do it all over again they would be my first call (even though they were the first time around, too!)

 If I were to do it all over again, they would be my first call (even though they were the first time around, too!)

Diana + Peter // Big Sur Elopement

Ania+Julian // Cabo San Lucas, MEX

AnnMarie+Drew // Lexington, KY

Jenae+Daniel // Rainier Elopement