Old media such as VHS tapes and reels are at risk of losing playability over time.  Water damage, losing magnetism, fires...there are so many possibilities of things that could potentially causer the only documentation of past years to go missing, and digitizing these items can help you and your family preserve and pass them on!  Not to mention, nobody has time to pull out a VCR or projector and rewind and deal with all of that anymore!  By digitizing, you will be able to not only save these memories, but they will be easier than ever ti watch and share!  You will even be able to give digital copies to everyone in the family, instead of them just being buried in someone's closet, waiting to get lost!

Why is digitizing so important?

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Hi-8 Tapes
  • Super 8 Reels
  • 8mm Reels

Once we convert your files from tape or reel to digital, we deliver them all via an online folder, making it easier to store, backup, and share!  Rates start as low as $9.50 per tape.

What we can convert

Home Video Digitizing

Let us help you preserve your family's memories!


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